Optimization projects in a company are usually complex because they affect the core processes of the companies and transform them.

Orconomy designs the entire optimization project as easily and transparently as possible for its customers. To do this, we divide projects up into three phases: > OR|Analysis, > OR|Model and > OR|System. Depending on the type of project involved, each of these three steps has a fixed time frame. Even in the initial phase of a project, therefore, our customers know when the new optimization solution will be ready for use, to what extent costs can be reduced, which benefits its use gives the company and how soon the investment costs can be recovered.


We write transparency with a capital “T” during the entire development phase: A browser gives our customers access to our project management tool at all times. This allows you to follow the progress of the project in real time.

Independent and comprehensive

In development, we ensure the best possible mix of self-developed, purchased and existing software. Depending on the problem, we find the best possible solution for our customers. If it becomes necessary to purchase software modules, we are not bound to certain suppliers – in other words, we work independently of individual manufacturers. We adapt our solutions to standard software such as SAP and to applications which our customers have developed themselves.

We support companies throughout the entire project phase, taking charge of project management in addition to documentation if required. In addition, we carry out training courses in the companies to ensure the correct use of the software in the day-to-day work of the company.