The share of the raw materials in the manufacturing costs is a crucial cost factor in manufacturing companies. For a piece of furniture, it is around 15 percent. According to a study made by the head association of the German woodworking and plastic industries (HDH), this percentage can rise to 70 percent of the manufacturing costs in the case of high-end furniture.

In companies specializing exclusively in the further processing of raw materials, these raw materials are the main cost factors in purchasing. This is for example the case in woodworking companies in which wood is cut to size using electronically controlled saws.

How can companies minimize cutting scrap without spending valuable time on planning? Besides the mathematical answer to this question, in practice it is necessary to take further criteria such as the technical possibilities of the saw into account.

MultiProfil reduces cutting scrap by 7% thanks to ORCONOMY

ORCONOMY develops cutting planning software tailor-made to meet the company requirements. To do this, we take a close look at all company processes and include all employees in development, from purchasing and production to the executive level.


For more details on methods and procedure, go to > Technology and > Procedure. The furniture manufacturer MultiProfil was able to reduce cutting scrap by seven percent with the help of an improved sawing software and the consulting services provided by ORCONOMY.