Companies that supply customers with goods or services face logistical challenges on a daily basis when scheduling tours. Here it is important for them to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.

Regardless of whether it’s a courier service, service technology, in-house logistics, newspaper forwarding, a home nursing service or “meals on wheels” - all of these areas are regularly faced with the question as to which employee is to serve which customers in which order. Also, it is often necessary to schedule new orders at short notice or cope with disruptions such as traffic jams or vehicle failure.

The complexity of tour planning can increase still further, for example if customers wish to always be served by the same employee or specially qualified employees are required. Situations with rapidly changing orders that only become known shortly before or during execution of a tour make high demands on schedulers too.

ORCONOMY assists schedulers with scheduling using mathematical optimization technology. ORCONOMY software finds the best schedule constellation in a fraction of a second while taking individual target criteria into account. Schedulers can choose from the suggestions calculated or the system can generate individual rescheduling suggestions with certain special characteristics. Orders and the current locations of employees are visualized on a map for schedulers. In addition, employees and schedulers can communicate with each other simply and directly via a mobile client. This ensures that resources are used efficiently, and schedulers save valuable time in the scheduling and rescheduling of tours.

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